Shem Paronelli

Shem Ezemma is the self-taught designer and creative director behind the brand SHEM PARONELLI. He is a seasoned and experienced craftsman and design artist with a unique aesthetic sensibility, vision and an exquisite skill at excellent design executions and presentation. Shem was nominated as best accessories designer at the 2015 Jaguar Lagos Fashion Awards. The cult lifestyle brand thrives in the art of storytelling through footwear and other fashion and lifestyle objects, proposing a unique disruptive aesthetic philosophy and nonchalant take on luxury through their progressive, “lived-in” artisan-manufactured goods.


Over 60% of all Shem Paronelli pieces are handmade in-house by a pull of seasoned artisans with years of training and experience at the brands mini-factory in Nigeria. The rest are manufactured by a 50 year old family-owned artisan factory in the Marche regions of Italy which produces for some of the world’s most revered luxury fashion houses

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